Zippers in Milan

We are more than thirty years in the field of fasteners and we commercialize zippers of all types of YKK.
We have in stock nylon-spiral zippers, invisible zippers, metal & anti scratch metal zippers, plastic zippers.
Zip for all needs from clothing to leather goods to the boating and camping.
We offer a complete service in the creation of samples and productions coming in against the requirements and needs of the customer.

Metal Excella® Zippers

We have a wide availability of metal Excella zippers both with symmetrical and asymmetrical teeth (single and double sliding respectively) in the following finishes: nikel, brass, antique brass, gun metal, etc.
Excella® is available in chain measures 3, 5 and 8, and is made with the most refined and precious metal finishings.
Excella® chain is anti-scratch not entangled in the tissues.